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Ph.D. In Marketing from of the Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University. Specializing in Trends, Creating and Spreading Innovation at the 'Social-Digital' Era, Branding, Consumer Behavior and Social Influences (PhD advisors: Prof. Dan Ariely, Prof. Ron Shachar). Winner of the Dick Segal award for excellence in marketing research.

Lecturer at  Tel-Aviv University's MBA and executive programs (both Israeli and International) and academic manager of managers training programs at Lahav. Lecturer at NYU on Marketing in the context of Innovation, entrepreneurship and startups (NYU-TA).
Judge at the"Product of the Year" innovation award, and at Startuponomics Tel-Aviv.  Creativity judge at Israel's annual advertising agencies ranking, for Globes Business Magazine. Judge at the Coller School of Management 1,000,000$ Competition. Mentor at Spark, Thailand's Global Startups Accelerator. Board member at MedTech, an innovation center for health and med tech startups, and at the Israeli Air Force's Alumi Association Innovation space. Formerly associate academic manager of the International MBA program at Tel-Aviv university (SOFEAR IMBA).
Often Invited to give marketing and innovation lectures and workshops in Israeli and International firms.

Teach several advanced marketing elective courses , including Trends, Branding and Brands Management, Marketing management and strategy, Digital Marketing for Executives, Consumer Behavior. Developed and teach an original and popular course on Trends, Innovation and social influences (how things – products, services, behaviors, ideas – spread socially and become popular or 'viral').

In recent years I am advising investors, founders, entrepreneurs and high-level executives in Israel and around the world.

My past experience includes several years of consulting a large VC (amongst others), as well as strategic marketing consulting in a leading Israeli consulting firm. Specialized in the fields of consumer behavior, consumer research, brand positioning and marketing strategy. In addition, developed, built and lead the company's specialization in the field of youth marketing, for both national and international projects. Main clients included high-level executives in top Israeli firms.
In recent years have also worked with Mr. Leon Recanati on a wonderful non-profit project, aimed at promoting social entrepreneurship and innovatinveness.

Speaker at TEDxJerusalem (December 2012 – you can watch the talk at the bottom of this page).

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Popular talks and workshops:

"Trendologica – Creating and Spreading Innovation in the age of 'Social':
Turning Your Products and Ideas into a Viral Trend"

We all have a product, message, idea or behavior we would like to spread like wildfire – among our consumers, customers (B2C or B2B), our employees, our community or even our own private circle of friends.

In other words – we would all like to create Trends.
What is a Trend? Why did certain products such as Instagram and Crocs become hits while others failed? What product characteristics create a Trend? What factors influence social adoption? How do groups operate? Are there certain members of the group, organization or community who can influence the success of a Trend more than others?
These questions are not only relevant for consumer goods, but rather for a wide range of domains, organizations and firms – because a Trend can also be an idea, a technology, a service, a behavior, a social change and more.
Through practical examples the talk explores how products, ideas and behaviors become Trends, and discusses several tools which may help you create your Trend. The in-depth workshop also includes practical exercises for participants, adapted to the specific organization and needs.

"The complicated world of Building and Managing Brands – from Theory to Practice"
What is a brand? Can anything be branded? Should you brand? Why? How?

Branding is one of the hottest topics in recent years, and is perceived as one of the main core reasons for many firms' marketing successes.
Throughout this session we will review several key, core, practical elements in branding and brand management. Amongst other things, we will discuss the definition of the brand's roles, and the way branding integrates within, and relates to, the firm's marketing strategy. We will explore the process of determining the brand's positioning and brand elements, and discuss whether, and how, a brand extension process should be considered and carried out. All of the above will be integrated with concrete business examples and live discussions.

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Watch my TEDtalk on TED.com, or here:

Dr Liraz Lasry at TEDxJerusalem


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