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A few sample feedbacks from different talks and workshops:


"I have invited Dr. Liraz Lasry to give a talk to the board of directors at Poalim Bank, about the important and intriguing process through which trends are spreading in social and digital networks, a critical process for the banking system and specifically to Poalim bank, being the leading bank in digital banking. the talk was fascinating and thought-provoking, and went along perfectly in the bank's strategic planning discussions."
Dr. Sharon Hefetz, assistant to the chairman of board of directors, Poalim bank


"I would like to thank you for a fascinating lecture and original insights, that you have gave us. we are in the midst of a behavioral revolution when it comes to recycling, and we have achieved amazing results, even compared worldwide. nevertheless, we felt that we need someone to 'straighten our heads', in regards to new thought directions and mostly understanding the new trends.
you have managed to achieve this, big time!"
Nechama Ronen, Chairwoman of ELA aiSRAEL'S Recycling corporation

ela heb

"The business dictionary defines Trends as 'a pattern of gradual change in a condition, output or process…' – Thanks to Dr. Lira Lasry and her excellent guidance, our trend wasn’t gradual!
Liraz inspired us with her colourful style through our process to spread innovation within Leumi and we are so very happy with the results.!
Thank you Liraz, 
We are looking forward to many more projects in the future!"
Michal Kissos Hertzog, Director of the Innovation & Digital Unit
and Ran Gavriel Zivan, Manager of Inner-Organization Innovation
Leumi Bank


"Liraz has an exceptional ability to see the big picture of Trends, analyze them, build a model explaining the process through which they are created and spread, and present those insights in a way that is professional, clear and simple. Liraz knows how to well adjust the content of her talks and format of presentation to large audiences as well as to an intimate executives gathering, and to build workshops that will be just right for the nature and needs of the participants. The result: an audience that enjoys a professional, humerous and fun talk, and is able to make much better business decisions, thanks to the research based – yet practical – knowledge it has been exposed to".
Gil Peretz, Chairman, The BusinessTrainingCenter (O-Group)
גיל פרץ


"Dear Liraz
Thank you for participating in Leumi's bank conference on Big Data. Your talk was fascinating and exciting. you took us out of the box, with a concrete link to our everyday lives. to emphasize this, we are attaching a few of the many positive feedebacks we have received:
"it was fascinating to hear Dr. Lasry's talk"
"Liraz's talk was amazing!"
"…it was fascinating, mind opening and innovative"
Dana Friedman, head of Digital and Big Data, Leumi Bank


"We have had the privilege of meeting Dr. Liraz Lasry during an Executive training course at our company, at a workshop she gave on Identifying, Forecasting and Creating Trends. 
Our main expectation for speakers are to have an ability to formulate content that is not generic but rather 'Tailor-Made' for our unique character and needs, as well as an integration to the actual business practice without leaving the subject at it's 'academic' level. Eraly in the joint process of buliding the process, Liraz has demonstrated cooperativeness and open-mindedness, as well as an ability to clearly, sharply and quickly identify our needs and 'lead' us to the most relevant directions. 
the workshop itself was highly successfull and we all felt that we received much food for thought alongside operative tools. the level of teaching was very high, as Liraz gave the workshop in a highly professional, intelligent, and charistmatic manner, and created dialogue and group thinking with participans, who thought very favorably on the workshop. 
Maya Koren and Roy Minkov, TASC Strategic Cobsulting



"The talk exceeded our highest expectations. The preparation, customizing the talk to our neeeds, and the ability to stand there and sweep the audience off its feet was felt in every spoken word. 
Dr. Lasry has 'made' our conference a success"
The Israeli Galilee development authority, the annual wine conference


"We wanted to thank you (on behalf of myself and the workshop participants) on a fascinating branding workshop (in general, and specifically for B2B businesses). Our firm is currently undergoing a rebranding process, and, as expected, this process is complicated, raising many questions. You have created a lot of interest among the participants (the firm's CEO and senior marketing and sales executives from Israel and abroad), clarified and focused us on the important key factors we should consider. The workshop was fascinated and included humor and real life examples and case studies. Once again – thank you and we would love to cooperate again in the future".
Efrat Gratch, Global Organizational Development Director, "Hazera Genetics"
לוגו הזרע

"Thank you so much for the fascinating talk on Trends, which you gave at Intel's Accounting Organization conference day. The talk was enriching, thought provoking, fluent and very professional; The fun, amusing, exceptional examples and case studies you shared with us contributed as well to our great enjoyment"
Mali Sahar-Sade, Accounting, Intel
Intel logo

"Liraz was the academic director of an executive development program for a droup of executives at Massad Bank, and gave us a few lectures in the field of marketing. Liraz did so in a highly professional and pleasant manner, and most of all – managed to understand the gorup's needs and to fullfill them fully. Her lectures were highly appraised the the participants"
Gabi Taitel, VP in charge of retail banking, Massad Bank

בנק מסד

"Dr. Liraz Lasry is a senior speaker on marketing in Lahav, and the academic director of the "Social-Digital Marketing Strategies for Executive" course she has developed. working with her is always fun, pleasant and very professional: Liraz is known as an in-depth, professional, fascinating speaker,  integrating wide academic knowledge with practical tools and real-life examples for her experience at a VC and at a large consulting firm. She is totally committed to her audience, and, in accordance with Lahav's senior executive audience, Liraz specifically adjusts her talks to the participants, whether it's senior executives from different firms, enrolling to our open-registration programs, and whether its' designated executive education programs we develop for organizations in the business and public sectors. The feedback ratings Liraz receives are extremely high; here are some quotes from feedbacks given by participants in her talks at Lahav:
"A unique and fascinating topic, that is usually not discussed in other courses and workshops"
"A great day! An excellent, inspiring, clear speaker. Lots of practical insights that can be implemented"
"Excellent! Fascinating! I didn’t want the talk to be over!"
"Excellent! Interesting, knows how to keep her audience, relevant, interactive. I ahd a great time listening to her"
"Professional and great, provides real-life, practical, examples"
"The best lecturer in the whole course! Phenomenal lecturing ability"
"Dr. Lasry's talk was adapted to the our bank in an exceptional and admirable manner"
"Excellent! An Amazing speaker. Gave us practical tools and gave a great talk. We want more!"
Udi Aharoni, CEO, Lahav Executive Education, Recanati Business school, Tel-Aviv University 




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